Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ghostly April Fool's Part Two

   Hope you enjoyed the first part of our fun and spooky April Fool’s adventures. As promised, here are the rest of the happenings:
   The morning of March 31, Belle was in the guest bathroom getting dressed. Looking in the mirror, she felt someone behind her — that uneasy feeling when you just know someone is there — but this wasn’t anyone…real. She didn’t see much of him, but got some impressions. She could tell he was around 15 or 16, a young teen, with light brown hair. He wasn’t quite as tall as her; he came to her shoulder. She’s about 5’5”. She received the name “Vincent,” but he wouldn’t talk further.
    We went to some garage sales that day, one of our fun pastimes. At one, I bought a Native American Mandella, new, with tags still on it, and signed by the artist. I thought it was for my friend Angela’s daughter’s room. Angela is my fellow paranormal investigator, who lives in the house with the portal. A portal we finally were able to close after much trouble, pondering and research. However, that evening I received a somewhat anxious call from a friend and fellow ghost hunter. His aunt out in Colorado was having major, dangerous problems with what sounded like a black witching or some sort of Native American witch. As I started into my office to have a little privacy so we could chat, I saw a large area of white mist. Being busy with the conversation, I ignored it, and it was gone later. I'm not sure if it had any significance or whether I'd just surprised one of my ghosts materializing or de-materializing, which happens now and then. My friend and I talked for a while and I gave him some advice for his aunt. Then the morning of April 1, I was getting the Mandella ready to bless with some consecrated olive oil before I gave it to Angela. My guides told me, “No, the Mandella is not for Angela’s daughter. It’s for your friend's aunt.” So I messaged him to send me the aunt’s address. A couple days later, I mailed the Mandella, and she called with deep appreciation for the gift. She'd been working on defusing the situation, with help from various sensitives, and hoped this would finish the task.
    Last, but never least, as I was getting the olive oil out of my satchel of protections to bless the Mandella, something fell on the floor. I leaned down and picked up what I thought was my favorite watch! I had taken that watch off in our bathroom, located on the other end of the house, the previous night. I assumed "somebody" carried it clear in to my office and put it in that satchel, behind a closed closet door. At least they put it somewhere I would find it, I mused, unlike the time they hid my infra-red thermometer. I didn’t find it for several months. Then one day I opened the bottom drawer on the small two-drawer filing cabinet beside my desk, a drawer I had opened dozens of times and one you had to manipulate just so or it wouldn’t pull out. There lay my thermometer right on top in a basket of various other items I stored there. It still worked, but my watch battery was drained from the ghost who moved it and needed replacing. So I thought. I took the watch to Wal-Mart to get the battery replaced the next day. Imagine my surprise when the clerk informed me this was a wind-up watch, not battery-operated. I looked at it closer. It darned sure was! This was a watch I'd mis-laid at least two years earlier. I loved it for its easy-to-read dial and wind-up ability and could not find another non-battery watch anywhere. Perhaps my ghosts took pity on me and when they returned the infra-red, they put the watch somewhere I would also find it. Once in a while, my ghosts do very nice things, rather than pull jokes.
    During this weekend, Belle and I both enjoyed our interactions with the ghosts who, in turn, seemed to have fun with us. We didn’t have to discipline them even once, just shook our heads and went on about our business, while they continued pulling their spooky pranks…as well as being nice a couple time.
    As always, if you want to read more spooky adventures, you will find "buy" url’s for my e-books on the My Books page. Some of you know I’m also a romance author, and those books are listed there, also. Given my penchant for the supernatural, some of the romances are paranormal! I'm also getting some great writing work done on Dead Man Hand, the third paranormal mystery. I'm not sure if I will make my self-imposed deadline of two months from now, but I'm trying. This is a story set in Cimarron, New Mexico, at the historic old St. James Hotel. Belle and I travelled to New Mexico one spring via Roswell, where we took our first balloon rides. Having seen the St. James on Unsolved Mysteries, we also had reservations there.
    It was a wonderful adventure! The owner of the hotel was somewhat in awe of my being a published author, and I, in turn, was awed by her ownership of this fantastic haunted place. She also believed in ghosts and told us tales of numerous happenings both she and others had experienced. We hadn't been there more than an hour, before she informed us that she had planned on giving the hotel workers the next week off, but since we had made the reservations, she would keep them working. Unless…
    "You wouldn't by any chance like to have the run of the hotel, would you?" she asked. "I could give you the combination for the side door, and you could help yourself to the bar and kitchen. I'll just be next door, at the newer extension we built, and I'll stop in periodically."
    "We would!" Belle and I spoke simultaneously and with the same excited enthusiasm. We couldn't believe our luck. How fun! And it turned out the ghosts enjoyed us as much as we did them. To this day, the St. James ghost hunt is at the top of my list of favorites. You will find that story in my Ghost Hunting Diary Volume IV, which I'll publish just prior to Dead Man Haunt. In the meantime…
    Enjoy the books now available, and BOO!
    T. M.

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