Saturday, October 27, 2012

T. M.'s House Happenings

   Yep, I live in a haunted house. At times, so many things happen around here that I grow complacent. If I'm busy when one of my paranormal residents appears and tries to get my attention, I'm as likely as not to just wave and keep on doing whatever I'm up to. I try to at least record a few events in the file I keep on the computer. However, to be honest, I probably only type up one out of every ten happenings here in the house and on our porch and lot.
  During the month of October, I expect ghostly incidents in my home. The Veil diminishes as the month progresses, becoming the thinnest of all on October 31. I'll admit, during October, I sometimes feel like I'm "living" with a whole crowd of boarders. This past Thursday alone: I walked into a living room full of mist. I glanced into my office and again, some heavy mist. When I passed through the dining room a while later and looked into the kitchen … you guessed it. The kitchen contained clouds of mist.
  This mist is an indication the ghosts and spirits are hanging around in our dimension. Most of the time, they don't materialize, only hover and let me know they're present. But at times, I'll see one of them. Their appearances take on various forms: full-bodied apparitions that make eye contact with me and sometimes wave or nod; a few seconds glimpse of a person walking through the house somewhere; a barely visible apparition floating past. Yesterday (Friday) we were working in the back yard. I glanced over beside the rear corner of the garage.
   "Wow," I said to hub. "You missed that."
  "What?" he asked.
  "There was a man back there." I pointed. "He was tall and wore a white shirt."
  Used to my "sightings," hub just shrugged and went back to work trying to get our riding mower started.
  I spent a few moments contemplating the man, but couldn't figure out who he might be. He appeared so briefly, I didn't get a look at his face. He was larger and taller than Howard, though, so it wasn't my long-time resident, who loves to wander around outside. Maybe just someone passing through during the thin Veil; maybe someone who will hang around a while. We'll see.
  I get touched a lot, and so do some of my guests. My ghosts and spirits don't try to communicate often, but occasionally, I do hear them. Sometimes we'll have a conversation; sometimes, I say, "Shush. I'm busy."
  Things get moved around, but the only occasion I recall when we actually witnessed something moving was when the flying glass candle jar barely missed my husband's head. Then we only saw the candle after it landed in the middle of the living room, not as it actually flew through the air. He heard it whiz past his head, and we both heard the thump when it landed on the carpet about eight feet from where it had been sitting on top of a stereo speaker.
   There are times when I know for a fact it's not my memory letting me down about something. I'll fully recall where I left something, then find it in a different place. Or, other times, I won't be able to find something I really need, say my car keys.
  I stop, put my hands on my hips, and say, "That's enough. Bring back my keys." Or whatever they've run off with. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the missing object appears right back where it's supposed to be. This week, Sis and I were in the kitchen. I was digging through one of the cabinet drawers.
  "Have you seen those black-handled scissors?" I asked Sis.
  "They aren't in the drawer," she said. "I was looking for them earlier myself."
  "They have to be. That's where I keep them."
  "I know, but they're gone." Then she walked over and said, "Well, let me look again."
  I stepped back and while she dug, I put my hands on my hips and stared around. "I need those scissors," I said. "Bring them back. Now!"
  A second later, Sis said, "Here they are!" She held up the exact scissors we had both been hunting for.
  That was one of the successful ninety-nine percent finds. The other one percent … well, maybe I did mislay something.
  The attitude of visitors to my house varies, but they usually show up wanting to see a ghost. However, as Aunt Belle says, "This ain't Dial a Ghost." We can't predict when someone paranormal will appear. When something does happen, reactions vary drastically. The visitor might think he or she wants to experience a ghost, but sometimes they haul butt out of here and never return. Others are excited and enjoy it.
  Once in a while Aunt Belle and I do sit down and deliberately try to communicate. She and I are usually successful. We've found the best way is to just let things happen, though. We get a surprise and have fun ourselves. Often while we're watching a DVD, we have a visit from beyond. Most of those times, we both see the same thing, and as far as we're concerned, that's all the evidence we need. I mean, how often do paranormal investigators get the proof of another person actually witnessing the same incident? We can both actually describe the appearance of the visitor down to the color of his or her hair and height and weight, as well as the clothing the apparition wears.
  I'll keep reporting things that happen, but it will only be a fraction of the incidents that fill my days. I'd never get any other writing done if I documented each and every single paranormal incident in my life. Plus I have a feeling that if I paid more attention to what goes on around me, it would fuel the energy they need and make them even more intrusive. I'm still among the living, so I want to be able to fully experience this side of my existence for now, thank you very much.
  If you'd like a few scary reads, my book of short stories, Grave Yarns, is great for Halloween.


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  Have a great Halloween and Samhain and All Hallows Eve. Enjoy any communication you get from beyond, and I'll see you next week. We're headed out Tuesday night to prowl a cemetery, so hope we get to chat with some other world folks.
  T. M.


  1. Just to let you know, I just now tried using that coupon code (twice!) and it came up both times as invalid/expired

  2. So sorry, Danielle! See above in the blog. I don't know why Smashwords dropped my coupon code. I had it scheduled until tomorrow. Anyway, there's a new code above.


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