Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cleansings are Amazing

I don't recall the first house cleansing I did, but I've done at least a dozen over the years, probably more. I do remember I first learned about cleansings via some of the reading I did about Wicca. As with any new area that interested me, I did extensive research as to how it worked and what herbs were best for what I wanted them to do. This was a little different than the protection packets I made up after my friend Billy got choked by an entity at Goshen. Some of the elements were the same, some different.
The procedure and herbs I used ended up being totally my own, and I've come to firmly believe over the years that someone guides me. The end result has always been the same, also, and I hope I never lose that sense of amazement I get, both when I am done with the cleansing and when I make the follow-up call and find out the homeowner is delighted with the new peace at the house.
It's always hard to make someone who hasn't dealt with the paranormal in depth understand that yes, cleansings do work. I try to keep the names and locations of these type of work private unless the homeowner tells me it's  all right to talk about it publicly, and I won't reveal the actual location in this latest report. I will tell you the homeowner's identity in a minute. It was another one of those astounding and successful ceremonies, well worth immortalizing in a record of it.
It started out with my friend Angela sending me an email with the subject line: Ghost Emergency!
Call me! I replied back.
It turned out this emergency was happening in Angela's mother Gloria's home. This was a place where I'd been aware for a long while that there was trouble. The entities there were mostly ghosts, who had been feeding off Gloria's energy, as well as that of her husband, Bryan, growing stronger and causing both physical and relationship problems. I was also aware that the former owners of this house had "dabbled in the occult" while they lived there. I felt sure they had left behind something bad and some problematic ghosts.
But Gloria, although she had known me and my work for a couple years or so and actually gone on two ghost hunts with me, was afraid I would "only stir up the ghosts" and it would be worse when I left. No amount of reassurance would work, partly, I was well aware, because the entities there in no way wanted me at that home. I use the word entities because I felt there might be a minor demon there, although nothing as strong as I'd encountered in other places.
Finally, Gloria was alone in her home, with Bryan away on business, and things escalated to the point Bryan insisted she call Angela and me in without further delay.
"But the house needs cleaned," Gloria said when she called Angela.
"Trana won't give a darn about that," Angela insisted. "This has gone on too long."
When Angela contacted me, I was glad to drop everything and go. I'll admit, I also wanted to prove to Gloria that her fears about my lack of powers to resolve the situation were groundless. However, more importantly, I always feel a responsibility to use my gift to help others and to banish troublesome ghosts and any other entity that happens to be involved.
Over the years, I've done cleansings alone and with Aunt Belle and with Angela. Ones I do alone have always been effective, but it's always nice to have someone with me. Then I can concentrate on cleansing with the sage or sweet-grass smoke and the consecrated oil, while the other person follows with the sea salt.
When I picked her up, Angela and I did a short protection meditation in the car before I even started the drive to where we needed to go. I do this when I'm unsure what we are going to run into. This seemed to be a time that qualified.
The moment I walked into Gloria and Bryan's home about a half-hour or so later, I heard the worried chatter about my presence from the entities. There were at least six, perhaps more, and no way did they want me there. Gloria was still extremely agitated and stressed. I could tell by looking at her that she hadn't been resting and was a nervous wreck.
"Are one of you going to stay with me tonight, in case this doesn't work?" she insisted.
Instead of answering her, I said we should all three sit down first. We talked for a few minutes, but she was still nearly as nervous as when we first came in. I knew this would change eventually, so I finally stood and started taking things out of my satchel to prepare for the cleansing. This is also the point where I start talking back to the entities gathering to fight me.
"When I leave here," I said to them, "none of you will be here any longer. You have your choice: you can cross into The Light, or you will be banished and unable to ever enter this house again."
I rose and walked over to a window on the east wall of the house. (I always make sure I know my directions when I am involved in any paranormal activity. It's important.) There was a blind on the window, but I pushed up the slats and stared eastward.
"That's the east," I said aloud. Then I moved my hand and opened a door in the clouds. "And now there's a door open there. I'll leave it open while I work, and it will close itself after I'm done. You have until then to cross over or be banished from here forever."
Unsurprising to me, since this happens a lot, I felt a couple souls move past me and cross through the door. Neither of them spoke to me, which is fine. I just wanted them gone.
I waited a moment, but the rest of the entities were still gathered to try their own powers against mine. So I sat down and finished preparing.
A few minutes later, we walked through the house with the smoke from the turtle shell cleansing things and I secured the areas behind me so nothing could circle around us. We had a little trouble in the bedroom, where Gloria had had the most recent problem herself. In fact, this is what made her agree to our visit: something had crawled into bed with her the previous night, scaring her into a frenzy. Angela told me she saw a nasty little monster sitting on the headboard. I pretty much seal myself off from stuff like that when I'm working, so I didn't see it, but I felt it.
By the time we got back to the living room, everything troublesome was gone, including that nasty little monster from the bedroom. I looked over at Gloria, and her face was now calm and nearly serene. I don't think I even had to say, "Can you feel how different things are?"
"Yes," she replied. "It's … peaceful. I'm not afraid to stay here by myself now!"
"Everything's gone," I said. "You won't have any more trouble."
We did a White Light ceremony, also, before we left. I protected the house and property, as well as made sure anything that didn't cross over couldn't attach to us and accompany us out of there.
When we first got in the car to leave, though, I thought something was there. Then I realized it was only Alan, Angela's resident ghost, who had come along. I allowed him to ride back with us.
I waited until at least twenty-four hours had passed before I checked on the situation. I hope I never lose that feeling of awe on a job well done; the feeling I get when a homeowner confirms his or her house is now peaceful and serene. Gloria had had a good night's sleep and now loves her home again.
Update: Bryan came home and he, too, told Angela how much better the house feels. Although Gloria continues to agree, she is still a bit leery that things won't happen again. So we will probably go back and do another cleansing, just to, hopefully, help her believe. I also found out from Angela that the former owners of the house live nearby. So I don't mind re-sealing that property to keep these unpleasant people and whatever they are dealing with away.
Unless something more interesting happens during the coming week — which happens a lot in my life — I'll talk about crossing souls over next week. In the meantime, the Muse and fingers are working hard on a couple new books. I have to re-interview someone about the Hell House of Horrors story, but I think you'll like that one. Definitely don't read it in the dark, though!
T. M.


  1. Why a turtle shell? Is that something jsut important to you personally - or is there some other belief/ves involved?

    Thank you

  2. Aunt Belle gave me the turtle shell, and it feels special. It's exactly what I need to burn the sage or sweet grass in. It's white, and I've never seen another one like it.


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