Sunday, December 1, 2013

Preternatural Primer Class Review

I took this class last weekend online, and it was awesome. It was put on by Dave Juliana of The Ghosthunter Store, and this was the first time I had taken one of his classes. It won't be the last.
Ever since Aunt Belle dragged me down the ghosthunting trail, I've been reading and also taking classes or studying under more experienced paranormal professionals. I'll be the first to admit that in the early-on years, some of the things I thought I knew and actually practiced were wrong. Over time, I've learned a lot, and part of it is the continued study and passing on of knowledge by people like Dave. I also got confirmation of some of the things I now believe and practice, and that felt good, too.
Here are a few of the highlights of notes I took, but only the things that pertain to my own paranormal investigating. Yes, I was scribbling as I was listening. I've found that if I write something down, it sticks with me a lot better than just seeing it in a video or listening to someone talk. I was also asking some questions, so I'll pass on the answers to them here. However, there was so very much more in the three-hour class. I highly recommend it if it becomes available again.
I asked: What are shadow people? Do you believe in them and can you get rid of them? This came from an actual request I had from a woman who kept seeing this supposed shadow person in her home. All the research I did on the internet appeared to indicate shadow people were their own type of entity and there was no way to get rid of them. My team and I went to her house twice, and she also had a priest come in. The "shadow person" was still there. Dave might have explained why in his class.
Dave's answer: He was around in 1996 when shadow people supposedly appeared. He doesn't believe in them. People were getting pictures of dark shadows and calling them shadow people. He says they are actually ghosts, or possibly negative entities, and they need to be handled the same way as ghosts or entities are. That the reasons they look like shadows is because they are not broadcasting (materializing) as well as the more fully-formed ghosts we see; but that a shadow person is just a "normal entity."
My conclusion: I agree with him and have all along. I kept an open mind and did my research, but I did believe the supposed shadow people were actually ghosts. I was glad to have my conclusion confirmed by someone as experienced as Dave. I now feel that if you can't get rid of a "shadow person" for someone, that person is allowing it to stay, perhaps in some subconscious way.
I asked if he thought inexperienced paranormal groups were helping cause the increased influx of dark entities that professionals like him [and Aunt Belle and I] had been seeing over the past few years.
Dave said yes, they were. He had talked earlier in the presentation about people using Ouija boards and also provoking ghosts. He mentioned another thing that really bothers me and is why I wrote the maxim for my team: Leave peace behind. He said too many supposed investigators go in somewhere and stir up the entities. Then they leave and the homeowners have to deal with the chaos.
I asked if he believed we could help ghosts cross into the light.
He said yes, but we need to be very careful. That they still have free will even after they are dead, so we can't force them. This is what I have been doing all along, talking to the ghosts and assuring them they will find peace if they go into the light. Most of the time, they eventually go, especially the children. However, as I've told my readers, Howard still hangs around my home. Teddy and the little lady in the kitchen also appear to be permanent boarders, even though I periodically open a door for anyone here who wants to cross over.
One thing I will mention that I haven't dealt with and hope I never do — para-drama in groups. I've seen a lot of this on the internet and yes, even locally here. Dave said that we have to remember our thoughts are powerful. Talking and thinking about someone in a negative way can harm the person it is directed at. It can cause stress and even physical damage. So if you are having trouble like that in your team, quash it immediately. The best way to do it is to have an open, frank discussion with the people who are acting negatively and ask them to stop. Also ask them to turn their actions and thoughts around into positive ones, to undo the damage they have done.
There was so much more to this class, and I'll repeat: if you are interested at all in the paranormal, please take the time to learn from professionals like Dave. I've been doing this for 25+ years and I learned a lot last Sunday. But be forewarned. Dave said at one point (my paraphrasing) that if people really understood the paranormal, they would be way too afraid to mess with it. I agree. I left this class with a bit more fear of some of the things I encounter myself, but also with a higher degree of my own faith in myself that I'm doing good.
We had our Thanksgiving a week ago Saturday, then hub left to go visit with our son for a few days. As I write this, I've been in my haunted house alone for the past three nights! Way cool! I thought of asking if anyone wanted to come stay in my haunted house with me, but I wasn't going to broadcast on the internet that I was here alone — even with my Doberman sleeping with me and the loaded pistol on the nightstand. J
Anyway, nothing has really happened beyond the norm, but Aunt Belle is due in on Wednesday, so we shall see. I'm writing this early so I can post it over the weekend. Aunt Belle and I will be shopping! Yeah, we're Black Friday addicts.
Oh, I was checking my sales one day this week and voila! I found that Amazon had made one of my romances free. Imagine that! I'd been trying to get them to do it for a year or so, and they finally did it. If you like sweet romances, I think you'll really love Tennessee Waltz by my romance author persona, Trana Mae Simmons. It's free for Nook, too, and at Sony, Kobo, Apple, etc. It's even made it free over on the Amazon UK site, at least for now. It appears to be going back to being priced on some. For instance, the Canadian site has a price on it <sigh>.


 I hope you're still full of food from your Thanksgiving table, as well as stuffed with the joy of family gathering. But if you go out hunting, stay safe!
T. M.

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