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Lots of Tyler, Texas Ghosts, Part Two

3/12/16 (Original Date of Planned Publication)

October 21, 2016

If you follow me on Facebook, you'll know I've had a lot of personal stuff going on the last few months. Even my blog, which I dearly love, fell by the wayside. I'm going to give it my all from now on to get back to writing a blog at least every two weeks. Cross your fingers and wish me luck!
Now back to where I left off last March, the second part of Tyler ghosts, with another part yet to go. This is an appropriate place to re-begin, since it's my favorite month. I also happen to know that George Jones and Jericho Tours of Tyler do awesome ghost tours this month.
As I mentioned in the first part of this tale, we're not quite through with the Tyler ghosts. It was an awesome night with George Jones and his crew. Each time we thought it couldn't be any more fun, something else caught our attention.
"You're both gonna love this next place," I told Sarah and Floyd after we enjoyed the McClendon House.
"You've been there?" Sarah asked.
"Yep. That was a couple years ago, when I got to spend some of the time with Jason McLeod. You remember him, the author of those fantastic Dark Siege books?"
Jason McLeod and Me
We made sure we got the address for the GPS, since we'd lost sight of our guide on the way to the McClendon House and had to google the address. Following the mechanical GPS lady's directions, we drove to what they call the haunted railroad warehouses in Tyler. These buildings are spooky enough during daylight. At night, the entire area is something you would think twice about entering unless you had someone knowledgeable to lead you.
Though this was my second visit there, I only know a little bit about them, things I've picked up from George over the years I've been friends with him. I may be wrong on some of the details, but I'll pass on to you what I think I know.
There were originally five huge warehouses located, of course, beside a train stop. They were used to store goods unloaded from, or to be loaded onto, trains for shipment. There were several deaths connected to these buildings, but I haven't learned much in the way of details. As of now, they are abandoned and used by permission as a haunted location on George's tours and for a horror night show during Halloween month.
At times, homeless people have sheltered in the warehouses. One warehouses burned down years ago, and it's believed there were some homeless folks staying there when that happened. Some think perhaps the building caught fire from the men trying to keep warm with barrel fires. Now there is only a large bare place where this warehouse used to be.
At least one of the remaining four buildings, the one George uses for home base, is full of various horror props. There are masks and makeup scattered over the walls and tables, and tunnels lead through it, much like a fun house. Around some of the bends in these tunnels, you'll run across other horror scenes bent on scaring you. They're pretty realistically horrific, too. I won't spoil George's business by telling you what the scenes are, since I'd urge anyone who can to take one of George's tours, especially during Halloween month.
In 2016, George added what he calls the Puzzle Rooms. There are three rooms that have only one hidden exit. The players have to discover how to get out of the room by finding and solving clues. They are timed on how quickly they can all escape within the allotted hour.
Are these buildings haunted? Very haunted! I'd even say extremely haunted. And not only by friendly Caspers. There is more than one nasty malevolent, and George takes measures against these types of ghosts. Are there other entities besides ghosts here? Let's just say he has also run across more than one really bad entity. However, from what I've seen and experienced, I believe part of what happens is due to a mindset from some of the tour participants. Different types of people go on haunted tours.
One: We have those who are of the macho mindset (including some women), who are going to taunt the entities they encounter to show off their supposed superiority. I'll admit, I enjoy seeing this type of person get their comeuppance — and yes, it happens, more frequently than these people expect.
Two: We have those who want to be "scared to death" in order to (they hope) be able to brag to their friends and relatives about what happened to them. These types are the ones who usually end up having to be babied and soothed and taken out of the tour, since they claim they are possessed or freak out with panic. On this night, DoDad, one of the experienced Native American members of George's staff, had to take a woman out of the warehouse when she started hysterically hyperventilating.
I'm not very sympathetic to those types, either. No matter how many times you tell people that ghosts and demons and devils are real entities, they won't take mental precautions. They think it's all a fairytale. Well, some believe fairies are real, also, and most of Grimm's stories are ghastly tales full of mean and nasty people. So these types should take heed, but don't.
The third category includes two types of paranormal investigators. Some are part of those who taunt, only they claim to know what they're doing. Ninety-nine percent of them do not. The other one percent are serious and take precautions, plus show respect. The one percent gain my esteem in turn.
Sorry I went off on one of my soap box tangents. I know you're more interested in the ghosts we encountered.
George always has experienced and respectful paranormal people helping him out, so for the first couple hours, they led us through the warehouses. We started with the first one, the home base warehouse, which is sectioned off into tunnels. This warehouse did have electricity, and there were wires strung down the tunnels to provide light. However, whenever we used any equipment, we made sure it was kept well away from any source of electricity so we wouldn’t encounter any interference.
There were various stops along the way where our guide investigators had previously discovered hotspots, places where the lingering ghosts would interact. Anna Lee, my trigger object Raggedy Ann doll, got such a workout that we had to change her battery during the time we were there.
Our first stop was a place where I felt saddened. We had been informed by our guides that it was where a little girl sometimes made contact. If you follow me, you know I feel strongly that any child ghost needs to be crossed into The Light. However, since this wasn't my investigation, I couldn't take charge and intervene.
When we halted, I immediately felt paranormal energy around my legs, at a height that appeared to indicate a child ghost. I didn't get a sense of unhappiness from her, just a feeling of joy that she had someone there to "talk to." Still, I could imagine her loneliness when left to wander all on her own.
"She's here," one of the guides whispered, confirming what I felt.
I sat Anna Lee on the floor, and she immediately lit up. Over the course of the next half hour or so, the little girl truly did enjoy playing with Anna Lee. But several other pieces of equipment also activated, including KII's, indicating a few other ghosts making themselves known. I mentally communicated and relayed what I heard. It was pretty mundane conversation, nothing memorable that sticks in my mind as messages or warnings.
On into this warehouse, down a few more tunnels, we halted at a place where contact had previously been made with one of the workers who had been killed in a warehouse accident. This ghost was pretty darned strong, and while he wasn't interested in a toy like my doll, the KII's buried themselves several times.
The first time was when one of the guides asked, "Are you here, (name)?" (I'll admit, it's been a while since I made my notes on this experience, and I didn't write down names. So sorry.)
Anyway, we were inundated with flashing KII lights. There were more questions asked, and they were specific enough to this worker that there was no doubt we were connecting with him.
Communications at a few other stops in this warehouse indicated the ghosts we had already contacted followed along with us, two of which were the little girl and the warehouse worker. It was an interesting trip through the tunnels.
I kept waiting for some of the ghosts I'd met on the previous visit to pop in, especially the one with the ugly face who kept peering around a tunnel corner. On that trip, George had watched me do a crossover and experienced the wind rushing through that enclosed warehouse when several dozen lost souls went into The Light. He'd asked me if I could do that again, so his wife Heather could experience it, and I did. Hopefully the reason that homely-faced ghost didn't contact us is because he now resides in The Light, where he should be.
Unfortunately, the little girl wasn't one of the ghosts who went home. Child ghosts usually take special handling and coaxing, since they are usually very frightened of any sort of change. Our own crew has yet to fail in this type of crossover, especially since we have Sarah Brigdon with us. Sarah has a special touch with children.
We had three more warehouse to go through, and George also had the puzzle game planned. We'll talk about that in the next blog.

Writing news is going to (hopefully) start picking up. I am back at work in spits and sputters on the next diary, Ghost Hunting Diary Volume VI. I'm probably a little over half finished, and Angela already has the cover done. When I get a little further into this book, I'll reveal it to you and explain what's behind it.
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As I said, this story won't be available for sale on line for a long while, if ever. Plus I have some more free things in mind down the road for the people who subscribe. Those will still dribble out slowly, since <knock on wood> the interference of stuff in my personal life right now has also slowed to a trickle. We won't talk about shopping and Black Friday seasons being on the horizon. I'll find the energy for those.
Our weather in Texas has gone through its hot season and it actually cooled down into the high eighties. Then on Friday, we hit the seventies. Yippee for us! We sure did have some cold, nasty fronts go through in the spring and early summer, though. The bluebonnet crop again was rather dismal. Perhaps next year we'll get a better bloom.

The fronts brought a lot of flooding, which repeated itself more than once. My sister Ann and I stayed overnight at one of the gambling boat hotels in Bossier City a while back. Ann was rather disappointed that the Red River didn't rise enough to float our beds the next morning, especially since our rooms were on the first floor <teasing on that>!
We were lucky in our choice of hotels (Boomtown), since the hotel and casino at the Louisiana Downs racetrack had to be evacuated, along with several subdivisions and businesses. I'm sad that so many people lost their homes and businesses in Louisiana and Mississippi, as well as now in the Carolinas. Mother Nature won't be denied, however. Please don't ever drive into water over the road. Remember:
Turn around, don't drown.
Fingers crossed I will see you sooner next time, with a report of a really scary situation that happened on one of George's tours.
T. M.

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