Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Egotistical Ghost and Books on Sale

Wow. A busy week just past. I haven't even had time to let everyone know all the news. Much of it has to do with my writing, but I've encountered the paranormal a few times. Although my supernatural residents are camera shy, they aren't a bit backward about letting me know I've ignored them for too long. They will brush against me, or even crawl all over me to demand attention. Yes, they will sometimes move things or visualize. I definitely do discipline any ghost or spirit who gets too far out of hand, but I do care for their feelings. And I understand their loneliness and need for some contact now and then. So unless I am totally covered up with work, I'll take a few seconds to acknowledge them. This doesn't include when I'm doing housework (ugh). Then, I'm glad to take a break and sit down and chat for a while. However, housework comes second to writing...most of the time.

The most interesting event recently didn't happen to me or even the friend who called to tell me about it. But it caught my attention so well, I thought my readers might enjoy the tale. Seems some folks recently started restoring an old historical house down the street from where my friend lives. They called him down to look at a very old painting they had just hung on one wall. Since my friend is a known authority on historical artifacts, including art work, he was able to verify the painting as from the mid-1700's, ancient for our U.S. history. But what they related while he was there was what he called to tell me about. See, my friend is also deeply interested in the paranormal.

The painting is of a fashionably dressed rake from that period of time. He is a young man probably in his early twenties, and the artist caught his demeanor well. He appears very cocky, very egotistical, quite full of his own self. Since the homeowners live and work elsewhere, they are only able to concentrate on the restoration on weekends. So while they are gone, and even when they are in residence, they use dustcovers to protect the antiques.

Well, they wanted to keep this painting covered, and used a sheet of plastic, well taped to the frame, for this purpose. But...each time they would return, the plastic would be off the painting! They assumed, of course, as we all would, that it just fell lose. There's no wind inside the house to do this, though, no reason except carelessness on the part of whoever placed the plastic on the painting. Right?

Well, this started happening even while they were in residence. They would cover the painting and leave the room. An hour or so later, they would find the painting uncovered. Replace the plastic, find it uncovered. over and over again. Sometimes the plastic would be completely off the painting; sometimes just the upper body would be uncovered. Always, though, at least the face is uncovered! This rake definitely loves to be looked upon! I've asked to go over and see this painting, but so far, no response. Will let you know if it happens and what I find out.

Book Business: Another wow! I had a new ebook go up this weekend, from Belgrave House. Southern Charms is my Cinderella meets the city slicker book, a fun magical romp with Texas rancher Ellie Parker and her fairy godmother, Fatima, who is trying to matchmake Ellie with New Yorker Shane Morgan. This is a historical, does have love scenes! It will be up at Amazon and elsewhere next week, but for now it's at: http://tiny.cc/SUGe2b.

Mary Kennedy, a fabulous writer herself, interviewed me for her blog at Blogher. We talk about Winter Prey and my ghost hunting diaries:


Tennessee Waltz, one of my sweet historical romances, is featured on eTLC, an ebook site:


Smashwords, where I have some of my ebooks listed and distributed, decided to have a sale this week. So I took advantage of that and put some of my books on sale, and also, free! The two Dead Man mysteries are on sale for half price, $2.00. There's a coupon code (REW50) to get the half off.

Dead Man Talking: http://tiny.cc/XGHe2b   Dead Man Haunt: http://tiny.cc/jKHe2h

A romance half off ($2.50):

Forever Angels, a sexy time travel/angel historical: http://tiny.cc/vOHe2b

The freebies are (Coupon Code REW100):

Grave Yarns, a collection of short stories: http://tiny.cc/0LHe2b
Chrissy's Wish, a sweet romance, Christmas novella: http://tiny.cc/IMHe2b

Feel free to spread the word to all your friends about the sale. Smashwords has the books available in several different e-formats! Also, spread the url's around, if you would like, for the other book news. I "like" all the help I can get to spread the word about my books. It helps sales and gives me time to write more!

Boo! And enjoy the reading!
T. M.

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