Saturday, March 3, 2012

Free Book Today!

No ghostie stuff today, although I don't believe I've had a day go by without sensing at least one or two of my resident paranormal boarders. They've been rather quiet this past week, tho'. I guess they tired themselves at while Aunt Belle visited. But today there are a couple of book freebies for your Kindles:

One is my book, Mountain Magic. Yes, I know it's been free before, so you may already have it. But this is the last day it will be free, since I'm out of free promotion days at Amazon for now. It's at if you've missed it before.

Also, if you like great western romances, my friend Christine Michels has one of her great books up for free this weekend. She's even got a review there from a man, who loved the book! So go read, gals...and guys! 

T. M.

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