Saturday, November 17, 2012

Confirming Paranormal Incidents

  I wish I could give each one of y'all one of my punkin pies. Yes, that's how I spell it. I put in a little extra this or that, and my grandson says Memaw's pies are the best in the world. Naw, he's not prejudiced. Anyway, I am taking time out to write my blog, one of the fun things I do. As my bio says, I will talk ghosts with anyone I can corner!
  This is another cops and ghosts story, but it's one of my favorite experiences. I don't know how anyone could say it's not confirmation that something actually happened, especially if a policeman saw it.
  We were at a tiny little cemetery on top of a hill in an area between The Colony and Ft. Worth that hadn't been developed yet. After dark, of course, probably around ten p.m., and I recall we had a full moon. This was a lovely cemetery, with views far across the countryside. North, we saw only more isolated hills and trees. But on the other three sides, city and subdivision lights covered nearly everything, beautiful in their own way.
  I was still "in training" to develop my psychic abilities, but I was quickly learning what to believe and disbelieve. My teacher had organized the group, and I stayed close to her, listening to her explain what she was sensing and also keeping notes. I also actually experienced the same things as she did once in a while! How cool. I was really enjoying myself. To this day, I love cemeteries after dark, even Goshen, where we are extremely cautious.
  Near the entrance to the cemetery, just off the parking lot, we passed one headstone where my teacher paused and sniffed the air. She looked over at me with a questioning expression.
  I knew by now what she wanted from me. "I smell alcohol," I said. "Beer, or rather, stale beer. I think he was drunk when he died, and drank a lot while he lived."
  She nodded. "I think he died of cirrhosis."
  We moved on, and there was a bench beside one of the headstones somewhere near the middle of the cemetery. My teacher stopped and stared at it, so I did, also.
  I couldn't see her really well, just a misty outline. But she sat there, a little elderly lady.
  "A woman," I whispered instinctively, although I probably wouldn't have scared her. "At least in her seventies or so. I can hardly make her out, but she's there."
  Teacher nodded again.
  We made our way slowly to the rear of the cemetery, then started our return to the front. For some reason, all of us halted about halfway back and turned. Suddenly, there was a huge, bright green flash at the rear of the graveyard! It was that phosphorescent green color and covered at least half of the rear of the cemetery. It lasted at least two or three seconds.
  "What was that?" I asked.
  Teacher only shrugged. "Definitely something paranormal," was all she said by way of explanation.
  I glanced around, and everyone in our small group was right there with us. There was absolutely no one back there at the rear of the graveyard — no one visible, anyway.
  We started onward, then she and I halted again. "Can you hear that?" she asked. "It's hard to make out … something with an 'L.' Maybe a name? Is there a Lawton or Lawly on one of the nearby headstones?"
  I shone my flashlight around, but shook my head. None of the nearby stones had a 'L' name on them.
  "It's important," she said. "Something like 'Law' and then —" she started moving fairly fast. "Come on, everyone. We have to go."
  "What?" I asked as we hurried after her.
  "Someone said the law is coming. The police. We better go up there and meet them, so we can explain who we are."
  That instant, we saw a set of headlights coming up the long driveway to the cemetery. We also passed the grave of the man who smelled of alcohol. Teacher hesitated there, and I also heard it.
  "He's saying that's the law coming up the driveway," I said, and she nodded a confirmation.
  By the time we reached the parking lot, so had the police car. The lot was well lit, but still the policeman was cautious as he rolled down his window.
  "Police," he said, even though we could read the side of his car and see the bubble lights on top, which he hadn't activated. "Can you tell me what's going on here?"
  Teacher went over and explained who we were. The cop was really interested, and he got out and talked to us a while. Then he said:
  "Y'all don't look like the type, but you haven't been setting off any fireworks, have you?"
  "No, why?" Teacher replied.
  "Well, I was driving by on the highway below, and I glanced up here when I saw this huge green flash just above the graveyard. I thought some kids were up here setting off fireworks, so I came up here to check it out."
  There it was: our confirmation. Not only had all of us seen that flash, so had a policeman! After he left, we went to the rear of the cemetery and looked all around. We couldn't find anything that would explain that green flash. I don't know that much about swamp gas, but I doubt we'd find it on top of a hill, anyway. As far as I'm concerned, this was definitely one of the numerous paranormal incidents that keep me so fascinated with the other dimension.
  As to my writing life, right now I'm sneaking in a bit of work on Volume V when I can, but the operative word is "little." This time of year, we even suspend our bi-weekly writers meetings due to the holidays. My wonderful friend Angela Rogers is also doing new covers for some of my romance. I think y'all will like them, if you read romance
  Also, another friend talked me into joining a promotion they are calling: The Next Big Thing. It has some questions and answers about our next upcoming book. Mine, besides Ghost Hunting Diary Volume V, will be Silent Prey. I'll post an extra blog on Wednesday, November 21, and also tell you who the other two authors are. They both have books I'll bet you will enjoy. Plus they'll have some referrals to other authors, and on we go!
  Enjoy your Thanksgiving meal; I know I will! And don't forget the "thanks" part of the day.
  T. M.

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