Friday, February 1, 2013

Don't Call Me

I had two investigations scheduled this week, both the type where we plan to do a house cleansing after we decide what we are dealing with. That doesn't seem too important, huh? Read on. Both were calls I received due to troublesome ghosts … or possibly something more evil. One seems certain to be the latter, although a minor entity; one I haven't examined yet. The first investigation got cancelled due to the homeowner's illness. My group and I will be heading out Saturday on the other one.
These calls, as well as the blog I did on the Accidental Crossing Over last week, made me reflect on happenings over the years.
Don't call me if you only want me to come confirm you have a ghost so you can brag to all your friends, "I've got a haunting!" I'll tell you to find someone else.
To be honest, those types of calls to me are infrequent. But I have had a few. Periodically, I get both calls and emails requesting help. Some of the email pleas are from too far away for me to go in person. However, I've had some success directing these people how to find local help or even helping them help themselves with the ghosts. Within a couple hours drive, I'll usually go see what I can do. And no, I don't charge. I have a gift, and it gives me a lot of gratification to use it for good.
Years ago, when I first started out as a ghost hunter, I'd eagerly race off to anywhere I thought I might find a ghost. In the beginning, I did this under the guidance of Aunt Belle or the first psychic I studied under. Later, I felt confident enough to go alone, if I had to. During the past few years, I've ended up with a solid group of friends and fellow investigators, and we formed Supernatural Researchers of Texas. They're always there for me — and the ghosts — if at all possible. They've made changes in their schedules when we're needed.
We've also run into some entities that have scared the crap out of the people who call us in to help, as well as us. We're learned there are entities out there we need to handle carefully and with power. We have to respect these evil beings, even as we stand up to them. We can't ever underestimate them. I've done a lot of research into the protections we use when dealing with these things, and we never go into a nasty situation without meditation, physical shields and safeguards.
Recently, though, I had a request to investigate a place here in town where I live. Our group made plans, only to find out that the owner didn't want a serious investigation. He just wanted us to "drop by and confirm a haunting." Then he could use that for publicity and increased business. As I mention, his wasn't the first request I'd received like this, and it was one that I turned down. I'm not about to teach my group that something like this is acceptable.
Folks, these aren't just ghosts that haunt you. They were once living people. There were people who loved them. It's not just adults. There are plenty of children involved. For various reasons, these lost souls didn't go into The Light when they died. And that is where they belong: over there with their loved ones and those who love them.
We'll do the cleansing for Angela's mother, the homeowner who fell ill, as soon as we can reschedule. This is actually going to be the second session Angela and I have had at her mother's house. Evidently, we missed something there the first time, which happens once in a while. I know why this happened, and we'll correct what we overlooked on this second trip. I've had to do repeat cleansings before, due to things that we'll go into in another blog. If you've followed the stories of Alan and Angela's own home, you'll already know one of the reasons.
As to the other one, I received a call from a good friend about the home where her elderly mother lives alone. Seems there might be a shadow person there, and it's getting not only troublesome, but aggressive. I guided them through a preliminary cleansing to see if they could do this on their own. It sounds like more than one entity was there, and some may have left and crossed over during their own cleansing session. However, the one somewhat nasty thing is still there and becoming even more disruptive and disturbing. A ghost? Something else? I'll know Saturday. SRT members who were able to rearranged their own plans in order to be with me on the Saturday investigation. Our equipment tech, Timmy, drove over an hour to spend the night with me and help out tomorrow.
Will we go in there and just say: "Yep, you've got something here. Goodbye." Hell, no. With the help of my team, I'll cross it over, if it's a ghost, and if it will go. If it's a ghost and won't cross, I'll banish it from the home. If it's something else, there's no choice: banishment.
This isn't child's play. It's serious, and takes serious commitment and emotional fortitude to accomplish what needs done. It also takes sincere study and research to know what to do. I firmly believe a lot of the power we receive to make our gifts work has to do with our mindset and beliefs, as well as the assistance of our guides. That we are capable of handling these situations and doing the right thing because we maintain respect and sincerity.
Ever see reports of paranormal groups getting into trouble? Getting hurt? Many times that's a result of their lack of respect for what they are dealing with. Don't call me if that's part of your attitude about a troublesome haunting. I won't be there for you.
And I'll climb down off my soapbox now. My sister and brother left this morning. But before Sis left, she and I sat down with my Bible I use on investigations. She highlighted passages I might need during investigations such as I've been involved in the past few years. I'll miss her, but she left me a gift of her own. I'll have more time to write now, without the distractions of: "Hey, let's go shopping or to some 'garbage' sales." No, those weren't distractions Sis instigated; I did!
Those of you Up North, stay warm.
T. M.

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