Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's Different "Over There"

Whew, what a busy week. I really needed to regroup from a hectic, involved house cleansing last Saturday, yet that didn't happen. Then yesterday I ended up adding two more things to my already-crowded next week calendar. Every day has at least one must-do, and some have two. None three (so far). In addition to several personal appointments, Angela and I need to shop and replenish some of our supplies for cleansings, and we'll also re-visit her mother's house and do a "touch-up." The following week's crowded days include a visit from Aunt Belle. Yippee! She will come up for a few days, and we will go out with a Wicca friend who will be here to re-consecrate all our protection items to try out our new Raggedy Ann trigger object. Fun! I'll get some writing in somehow.
And you thought authors just laid around raking in our royalties and dictating our new stories to our assistants as we eat bonbons. Ha! Well, we did pass a Cracker Barrel one day this week, and they do have those yummy old-fashioned bonbons. We did stop, and a couple boxes of bonbons ended up in my carry-out sack…. J
But back to my blog, which I am typing myself, not dictating. J
What prompted today's title was another one of those musing/reflection periods I have periodically. Something will generate a memory, and at times it will relate back to one of the paranormal experiences I've had. I actually don't recall at the moment what sparked this memory, but I keep a list near my computer where I can jot down ideas of things to share with y'all here. This one says: "You don't always get an answer Over There. They don't worry about the same things we do."
One day a couple years ago, I got a call from Timmy, my paranormal equipment tech. "I've got a friend whose son was murdered," he said. "She'd like you to come over and see if you can contact him."
"Does she want to know who killed him?" I asked perceptively.
"Yeah," Timmy admitted. "If you happen to get any message like that."
Normally, I would turn something like this down. I'm not a medium, and when a ghost tries to channel through me (fairly often), I ward it off. It's not something I feel comfortable doing, although I admire others who are able to handle that wonderful gift. I will pass on messages I happen to receive, if the recipient wants to hear them. But since this was my friend Timmy asking, I agreed to see what I could find out … without allowing anything to channel through me.
Billy, Lucy and I ended up picking up Timmy and all of us going to the woman's house. I won't mention her name or where she lives or anything that can disturb her privacy and grief. It was one of those different type experiences, which taught both Billy and me some things, reinforced other beliefs I have.
The woman actually had the shirt her son had died in. She pleaded with me to see if I could pick up anything from it. I agreed, but there was just nothing there.
One other thing that came out of this was that Billy started realizing he, also, could pick up on some things from the other dimension. As we sat there, he brought up several things he received telepathically, and had those confirmed by the woman and her husband. However, although we both picked up on parts of the actual murder, we didn't get any clues as to the identities of the killers. The mother started to become somewhat agitated with our lack of what she expected from us.
"Can you sit down and let me explain something to you?" I asked her.
She did, and I went on, "I'm not sure if you can understand this or not. One thing should help you, though. Your son did not remain here as a ghost. He's crossed over into The Light, and he's very content over there."
That didn't seem to help her at all. "Then ask him who murdered him so we can have them punished!" she demanded.
I was already wishing I'd never agreed to this. I felt as though I were intruding on the woman's grief rather than offering her any comfort. She just wasn't ready to give up her passionate thirst for revenge. I didn't blame her one bit. I felt a deep well of sympathy for her, but I needed to explain as best I could:
I took her hand. "When someone dies and crosses into The Light, onto the other side where they belong and where there are loved ones waiting for them, they also undergo a change of mind about things. Some things that we care about in our lives aren't important to them any longer. Revenge is one of them. I'm not saying you have to forgive the people who murdered your son. I know I would have a terrible time even contemplating that. But you might have to accept that the killers won't be brought to justice by your son revealing who they are. He just isn't going to do that."
We soon left, since she just did not want to discuss anything else with us unless we were able to reveal who killed her son. I'm fairly certain she realized she couldn't go to the police with anything we told her, but perhaps she was hoping we would uncover a physical clue that would end up with those horrible men being arrested. But it just wasn't there in the house for us to discover. The only time I even felt any presence was when I stood up to leave. A faint paranormal energy enveloped me. I believe it was the son in spirit. However, it didn't last long and it was more or less a feeling of him saying goodbye and thanking me for attempting to help his mother understand.
It's hard for any of us to comprehend the lesson here. But I am totally certain it's true. In addition to the first facet, that those on the other side have different mindsets than we do about matters such as revenge, I believe there is another aspect to this area of the supernatural and afterlife. I think there are set guidelines to our lives which are not supposed to vary. Perhaps, as Sylvia Brown writes, we set out life path before we come back here. Perhaps another higher being aligns our paths in life. Or maybe there is another reason we won't understand until we experience our own afterlife. Whichever, or if it's something I haven't thought of, there are things that will not be revealed to us, for reasons we don't understand. We can demand and plead, but if it's not to be, it won't be, and no medium or psychic will be able to help. It's one of the factors of the paranormal that fascinate me, and I love learning about. It doesn't help those grief-stricken, but I firmly believe these things are true.
One thing I've mentioned before is the new group my fellow investigators and I formed: Supernatural Researchers of Texas. We have plans for a blog for our group, and we discussed it a bit this past week. We hope to get it up soon, and we'll put more on it than I've had time to do on my own blog. That's because we will share the work, members rotating the posts each week and adding things we think you will enjoy. There are some really savvy computer folks in SRT, much more proficient than I am. They, too, have full schedules, but we'll get things accomplished as soon as we can. We're hoping for some videos and photos, and we'll definitely have tales with slants on our investigations from their own experiences rather than only mine.
As far as my writing world, I'm still working on the stories for Ghost Hunting Diary Volume V. Maybe I'll get it done by the first of March. Fingers crossed! But I did find time to update some of the information in one of my romances, Montana Surrender. It's a hot, steamy, sexy tale with … a ghost. Maybe. Or maybe not! O.K., not really, but I think you'll like it if you like historical western romances. And guess what! I put it on sale pre-Valentine's Day for $.99. So far, I've got the price dropped on Kindle, but I hope to do Nook and elsewhere tomorrow. It's here:

My friend and fellow investigator Angela (whom Alan, the ghost, lives with) did that gorgeous cover for me. I so love it! It's the second book I sold, and as special now as when I wrote it. Hope y'all enjoy it. Even the guys might like this cool western.
 Take care and until next week ….
T. M.

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