Friday, May 3, 2013

Volume V Up and Selling

Whew! Another one of those busy, busy weeks. I did a house cleansing with the Lonestar crew on Monday evening, and took Sarah from SRT along to help. Again, it was one of those where there were a gazillion ghosts. When I opened the door into The Light out in the yard, we both felt the breeze as they rushed past us. I left the door open and more crossed over to peace instead of roaming around lost, lonely and unhappy.
And with a lot more hard work, I met my self-imposed deadline! Ghost Hunting Diary Volume V is up and running for sale. The Kindle and Nook versions went smoothly. However, sheesh, Smashwords gave me all sorts of heck. But I'm stubborn. It won't make its way to Kobo or Apple for a few days, because Smashwords is rather slow. But it will be there soon.
Since Aunt Belle's here, I'm taking a few days off. We had one ghost show up within an hour of her arrival. She and I were headed out the door to go shopping, and she realized she'd forgotten something. She turned in one of those quick turnabouts and walked right through the man following her.  All I saw was a flash of blue; not a denim blue, a different, brighter blue shirt. It wasn't a shirt I'd seen on any of my normal residents, but we had other company that evening and didn't get time to chat with the new ghost. We'll see if he visits again tonight.
Shoot, we may even hunt up some more sights and tales, if we get done with the estate and garage sales in time. But I just saw there is a neighborhood sale tomorrow. Gee, better hurry and get the blog up!
Here's where the e-book is available as of now, and it's already climbed as high as #7 on the Amazon charts! Woohoo!

Hope you enjoy my latest tales, scary, astounding, eerie and sometimes a break for a chortle of laughter. Leave a review, if you have time. Thanks!
T. M.

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  1. I would have dropped dead if I'd turned and walked through a ghost! I think your Aunt Belle has nerves of steel! Just bought Vol V and can't wait to read it. I'm saving it for a special treat this week-end!


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