Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rooftop Fighting Ghosts

It's been a quiet week here around the house — well, as quiet as it gets in a haunted house. At one time or another, I've felt just about every one of my normal residents. (Are ghosts normal? In my house they are.) Nearly every night, there's someone in my bedroom who strokes my face and hair when I'm going to sleep. Martha, here in my office, makes her presence known at least once a day. Natch, Teddy in the guest bathroom. Someone usually comes out to join me when I'm eating supper in the dining room (probably Howard). I also glanced up from my office one day and saw the new ghost in the living room that Aunt Belle identified. I just waved and went back to work.
The only one I've noticed "missing" is the little lady in the kitchen. I'm way late this year getting any holiday baking started because Sis isn't here, plus hub has had a lot of doctor appointments the past two months. I did get the pumpkin cookie dough mixed up last night. It has to sit in the refrigerator overnight, so I will bake today. Maybe my little lady will come around.
Speaking of doctor appointment, the most startling incident this week was after one of those. Hub and I went to lunch in Rockwall at the Cotton Patch (yummy, wonderful food). As we were walking back to the car, hub stopped off at Fed Ex to check on shipping charges for something he wants to send to our niece, Emily. I went on to the car, which was parked in a separate parking lot where the view was not blocked by shopping center stores.
The stores in this sprawling center are all one-story, and they have warehouse areas behind them. I could see behind the Fed Ex store, to the rooftop of a warehouse. I saw two men fighting up there. It didn't register for that split second, and I looked down to open the car door. Then I jerked around and looked back. No one there!
I knew they hadn't fallen, because immediately I sensed they were ghosts. I can't imagine it being a residual haunting, but perhaps it was. This shopping center is new, only about ten years old, but we all know many things happened on land down through the ages. These two men were as real as you and me, wearing blue jeans and dark shirts. I even saw their black hair, which both had. They were in a serious fight, too. If they fell, it was only one story, so they could have lived … or died, depending on how they landed.
Anyway, they were there, then they weren't, and it was one of those startling occurrences that I don't very often register as unusual in my life. Many times, I'm rather blasé about my ghost experiences. This one was interesting.
I did realize later that when hub returned, we started discussing shipping charges and I forgot to tell him that I'd seen the men. So if he's reading this to proof it for me, "Sorry, Hub." (He sometimes lets me know when I forget to tell him something a bit exciting.)
There have been a couple really cool things happen in my writing life this week, also. First, the article I wrote after FATE Magazine contacted me several months ago was finally published. It was actually the lead article and had the title ("Ghosts of the Crescent Hotel") on the front cover. How exciting for me! It's a digital issue, and you can get a copy on their web site: 

It's $3.98, but it's a whole issue devoted to ghost stories.

Second, I got a trade paperback copy of Ghost Hunting Dairy Volume V up for sale. I wanted to do this one first so I would have a print copy for Connie at the Beckham Hotel when I go see her next month. She also wants to put some copies of my books in her gift shop when she finally has the hotel ready to re-open, so I'll be doing some more print copies as time permits. Of course, Angela does the beautiful double covers for me.
Right now, the book is only available on Amazon. However, Amazon has assured me that within a week, it will be available through a bunch of other on-line retailers. I'll post the url's as I find them. For now, it's $8.98 and at:

So, a busy and hectic week. I managed to squeeze in a little bit of writing, but how much of that I continue to get done is going to depend on hub's health. We had two appointments this week and walked out of each with two more appointments to add to our crowded doctor appointment schedule. But we will persevere.
In the meantime, enjoy reading, and if you hunt, stay safe.
T. M.

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