Saturday, November 9, 2013

Welcome Home Ghosts

As I mentioned last week, Aunt Belle and I had a couple experiences after we got home from our long road trip/business trip to Myrtle Beach, SC. We had a lot of fun during the return trip, because I had learned to use Myrtle, my GPS, with the help of the friends we stayed with. Yes, I decided to name her after our destination. Now I have Heidi, the Hybrid, for my car, and Myrtle for the GPS, to help me along the way.
                                                    Heidi, with Myrtle Inside

We ended up saving a lot of time coming back, so we got to stop at a couple casinos. We not only enjoyed the buffets at a reasonable price, but also, of course, gambled. Neither of us came out with any extra money, but we didn't lose more than we could afford, either.
Of course, when I got home, things were piled up. Hub was down in Houston visiting his sisters while I was gone, and my daughter-in-law took care of the animals and house, plus brought in the mail. There was a pile of it on the table, plus voice mail to wade through, since I didn't check it while gone. Before all that, I called my son to "report in," and after I hung up, Aunt Belle said, "You've got another new ghost here."
"Where?" I asked. "And what does he look like?"
"He's not there now, but he was standing over by your curio cabinet." This cabinet is an antique made in Kentucky in the late 1800's, about 5-1/2 feet tall and enclosed with glass. I collect painted ponies and a few other things, so that's where I display them.
"He was a little shorter than the cabinet," she went on. "A Spanish guy, but it wasn't Juan. He was older and rather stocky, but not fat. He stood there for a long while. I didn't want to interrupt your call, and by the time you got off the phone, he was gone."
"Interesting," I said. "Maybe I'll see him sometime." And I did, several days later, just before I was getting ready to call Aunt Belle. He walked out of my office and into the living room. It was definitely the man Aunt Belle described, same physique and height.
The next morning before Aunt Belle left to drive home, she said, "Someone walked in that darned bedroom all night. Up and down the floor. Around and around the bed. I got up once and turned on the light, but I didn't see anyone. The walking stopped while I did that, but as soon as I laid back down, it started again. Kept me awake part of the night."
"Huh," I said. "Wonder if it was the Spanish guy?"
"I didn't sense that," she said. "It was sort of a marching cadence. Like he was marching around the room, not just walking."
I haven't slept in that room since then, so I have no idea if the guy is still there or not. I do know that Teddy remains in the guest bath, since our master bath is still being redecorated, so I use that bathroom at times. Teddy wears soldier clothing from the Teddy Roosevelt era, so it might have been him, welcoming us back.
Then a little before she left, I looked out our front window and saw Howard pass by. As usual, just to make sure I'm not seeing a real person, I went over and looked outside. Nope, no body there. Besides, I've seen Howard enough times to recognize him. Given Howard, I'm sure he just wanted us to know he was also hanging around.
So my residents are still here, along with some new ones wandering in. So far, everyone is behaving, but Angela and I just got done consecrating a bunch of new supplies for our cleansings. So if anyone gets disruptive, here or some place where we get called upon to help, we have our materials ready.
I came back from the conference with a lot of new ideas … although not any more time than I had before to work on them. However, I have put Ghost Hunting Diary Volume V up through CreateSpace at Amazon to have some paperbacks done. As soon as the process winds its way through the channels, I'll let y'all know it's available. I hope to soon have more of my books in paperback, also.
I'm getting one book ready to send out for narrator auditions for an audio book. I've decided to do Dead Man Talking for my first foray into the audio world. It supposedly takes 2-3 months to accomplish that, so it will be a while. I'm really looking forward to hearing one of my books, though, so will push forward as quickly as I can.
I'm hopefully back to the weekly blog schedule, so I'll sign off now and see what I run into to share with you next week.
Take care and stay safe.
T. M.

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