Monday, December 1, 2014

No Time These Days

Wow. Much as I hate to do this, I probably won't be putting up another blog in 2014 after this very late one. However, I believe I said that last year and did put one up late in the month to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. So you may hear from me; will have to wait and see. I am putting together another newsletter, with all the book news I've put off sharing. So you'll be getting that sometime in the next week or so.
As to paranormal news, it's been quiet again. Never totally inactive at the Simmons house, of course. I never can tell when I'll feel someone or hear a voice or just glimpse Howard or another ghost or spirit from the other dimension. In fact, I saw Howard a few days ago on the front porch. I started out the door to see who it was before I realized it had been Howard. He wanders everywhere, inside and out.
I did discover something new while chatting with a friend in PM's on Facebook the other day. Or I believe it was possibly factual information that occurred to me. I encounter ghosts many, many times in bathrooms. It happens both here in my house and also in public bathrooms. And it dawned on me while she and I were exchanging paranormal information that the ghosts probably followed me into the bathrooms because it was quiet and private in there. Imagine that! She was telling me how ghosts are attracted to her, and of course, that happens to me a lot, also. However, I'm very good at putting up barriers. Otherwise, I'd be constantly interrupted by them. I'm not really someone antagonistic toward the lost souls. Heavens, I cross over my share often. But I just can't constantly stop whatever I'm doing to assist some poor wanderer. Therefore, I guess when I ignore them, they take it upon themselves to tag along to somewhere it might be easier to make me notice them.
Yep, we are always learning something new in our paranormal lives, and this was one new piece of information I uncovered during the last week.
I hope you all had a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving. We had family here, and that always makes me very happy. The food was great, and we also were invited out for another delicious meal with more family the day after our celebration. If your day was half as good as mine, then it was fantastic for you.

Thanksgiving 2014

I've made big inroads into getting some books into paperback. All five of the Ghost Hunting Diaries are done! I'll do the Dead Man Mysteries next, then look at gathering some of the short stories into books. As I mentioned, I'll give more information in my newsletter.
If you've read this far, I have another ghost happening to tell you about, something that just occurred. I've been baking cookies, and I use the timer because I would totally burn stuff if I didn't. Well, sometimes I forget to bring the timer in my office and still burn things! However, I did good today, and I have three pans of Pumpkin Ginger Cookies cooling in the kitchen.
All three pans are indeed out of the oven, the dough all baked. So there's no reason the timer should go off, right? Well, it just did. I heard it ring in the kitchen. Huh. Maybe the little lady ghost in there thinks I've left the cookies cool long enough and it's time to put them away. I'm off to see what is going on.
Have a wonderful time this month. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Stay Safe, and ….
T. M.

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