Monday, April 2, 2012

Ghostly April Fool's Part One

   There is nothing tardy about my resident paranormal boarders! They started celebrating April Fool's Day a couple days early. Last year we had an awesome investigation at Dry Creek Cemetery on April 1, 2011 (url is under my Ghosts tab). This year, my thoughts are it was a combination of Aunt Belle’s visit and the time of year ghosts enjoy tomfoolery.
   Aunt Belle arrived late morning on March 30, 2012. The next day was her great-granddaughter’s birthday, and she always comes in for any sort of celebration for her daughter and grandkids, who live near me. We had quite a few incidents during her three days here, some we both experienced, some only one of us was privy to.
   By the end of her visit, we knew there were two new ghosts in residence: Patrick and Vincent. The first indication was when I saw a mist in the small hallway where my Head Ghost and longest paranormal boarder, Howard,  usually hangs out, right outside our bedroom door. This is also outside the guest bathroom door (now Sis’s bathroom, and she has been having major problems with my “sloo-ies” as she calls them). However, I sensed immediately this wasn’t Howard. Later I saw the mist in the living room and told Belle someone new was here. I gleaned enough about this one to know he was male, young and wasn’t Juan, although he wore a white shirt like Juan.
  Sometime in the early a.m., Belle couldn’t sleep, so she got up out of bed to get the newspaper from the dining room table to read. She brought it back in my office, where she sleeps on the daybed since Sis moved into my guest room. Belle then reached up to turn on the ceiling fan, since it was somewhat warm in the room. Before she could even touch the fan pull, the paper whooshed up from the bed and scattered all over the floor. There was no wind or breeze in the room, and the blinds were pulled down, except for a three-inch space where one fell short on the bottom of an open window. However, we had propped pillows to cover the opening.
   She stood there looking at the scattered paper for a moment, then put her hand on her hip and said, “All right. Now who did that?”
   A man replied: “Well, it’s Patrick!” in a tone that said she should have known who it was.
   I’m not sure, since I haven’t seen him clearly, but it might be Patrick in Dead Man Haunt, my second ghost hunting mystery. He’s the gorgeous naked ghost Twila and Alice deal with in that story, plus I actually met Patrick when we did an investigation at the historic Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas. Whew! <fanning myself> He was/is magnificent, blond, tanned and muscular. He had just stepped out of a long unused shower stall, totally naked, white towel draped around his neck, dribbles of water running down his chest. Yes, the shower worked for Patrick! He also accompanied me home that night, in order to tell me his story. I allowed this from him, something I very seldom do with ghosts I meet, since he agreed to return to the hotel later. Besides, his story was extremely interesting, and I already knew it was spawning a book.
   We had another “fan” incident the previous day here at my house. I went over to turn on the lights in the ceiling fan in the living room. Turned the switch, nothing. I tried several times, off, on. Nope. I immediately knew what was going on, since it has happened before. I called Aunt Belle’s grandson, David, in to reach up to the twelve-foot ceilings and pull the little light chain. Yep, the lights worked. The ceilings are so tall we need a ladder to reach that fan. David is probably six foot, and he had to stand on the couch to grab the chain. Aunt Belle and I both clearly heard a couple of the ghosts laughing their ghostly heads off about their trick!
   I’ll have more April Fool’s events to tell you about later on this week, since we were on the receiving end of more ghostly pranks. In the meantime, I’ve updated the My Book page with the e-books available as of now. Of course, the Ghost Hunting Diary Volumes I, II and III have true tales of my paranormal experiences and investigations, some involving Aunt Belle with me. There are also two female ghost hunters in Dead Man Talking and Dead Man Haunt who bear a strong similarity to Aunt Belle (Twila) and me (Alice).
   Some readers enjoy little tidbits about how we write, and here’s one: When I started planning Dead Man Talking, I knew the two main characters would be based upon Aunt Belle and me. Natch, since the books never would have evolved in my Muse without the adventures she led me on, starting with Down the Ghost Trail, and the continuing experiences I had. I told Aunt Belle about my book idea and that I planned to be a character called Alice. Then I asked her what name she would like me to use for her character.
   “I’ve always loved the name Twila,” she said. “If I could choose any other name for myself, Twila it would be.”
   Twila she is!
   Enjoy your reading. BOO!
  T. M.


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